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You serve the public; we serve you.

public entity

Public entities face a variety of exposures that were created to either assist or benefit the public.

We understand the Public Sector operates much differently than the Private Sector. Therefore, the Public Sector’s risk management and insurance needs are much different than the Private Sector. That’s why we have a dedicated Public Entity Department.

Strategic Consulting

Our dedicated public entity team understands the unique challenge a public entity faces as it must provide many services to the public with limited financial and physical resources while adhering to State and Federal Regulations. In doing so, hazards are created. We recognize that one risk management solution does not fit all. Let us tailor a solution to address your entity’s risk management needs which best utilizes your entity’s resources.

Regardless of whether it’s an Authority, Charter School, County, College, Emergency Services Department, Fire District, Municipality, or School District; our team can work with your team.

A snapshot of our consulting services include:

Working with a Public Entity to ensure their Risk Management Program is effective, efficient, and meets regulatory requirements.
Assist in resolving claim issues including, but not limited to, defense assignment, coverage determinations and claim payments.
Provide guidance and resources to a Public Entity’s Safety Committee.
Provide written responses to coverage, claims and safety questions.
Provide risk management guidance on a Public Entity’s new projects and/or initiatives.
Being accessible to the Administration and Governing Body 24 hours a day.

Hardenbergh Insurance Group specifically created a Public Entity Department within our organization that solely practices in this discipline. We recognized the unique exposures facing a county, municipality or school and the challenges to keep up with the myriad of federal and state regulations. Our team creates custom risk management programs for our public entity clients and provides professional claims services as well as safety / loss control consultation. We have a multitude of resources that enables us to quickly and efficiently deliver responses to our public entity clients that protects them and their constituents.

Our experiences
Providing risk management/insurance services to public entities since 1975
Providing services to over 75 New Jersey public entities as well as New Jersey and Pennsylvania charter schools
Working with thirteen New Jersey Joint Insurance Funds; three New Jersey Insurance Commissions and the leading public entity commercial insurers
Serving on various Municipal and School Joint Insurance Fund’s Safety and Coverage Committees, County Commission’s Safety and Claims Committees as well as the MELJIF Safety Committee and the MELJIF Coverage Committee
Serving as the Student Accident Program Manager to three School Board Joint Insurance Funds.
Our expertise
Public Entity Account Manager
Well versed in risk identification for public entities. This team member is able to advise whether the Public Entity should 1) purchase insurance to protect an asset or exposure; 2) transfer a risk to reduce or eliminate the Public Entity’s liability; or 3) avoid the exposure in its entirety.
Public Entity Loss Control Representative
Well versed in NJ PEOSH regulations and ensures specialized training not only meets the safety needs of the Public Entity but also the regulatory needs of the Public Entity.
Public Entity Claims Account Manager
Well versed in the immunities afforded to Public Entities by Title 59 and the insurance language in policies to ensure claims are adjusted accordingly.