Employment Insurance

Types of Employment Practices Insurance

Employment liability insurance provides coverage to employers against claims made by employees alleging:

Most policies cover directors, officers, management personnel, and employees within the insured organization..

Employment Practices Liability Further Defined

In today’s world of social media and easy access to technology, it’s important that regardless of the size of your company to look into this type of employment insurance. Your businesses need to have the proper coverage in place so you are prepared for any internal work related disaster. We have found that small businesses/startups are most vulnerable due to a lack of internal HR or legal department. Some small things that you can do to help prevent an incident is to create an employee handbook or external HR company to help with any work related incidents.

To significantly lower your employment practices liability risk, do the following:

What You Need To Know About Employment Law

Here is a list of important laws you need to be made aware of:

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